How to distinguish between kobe zoom shoes (kobe 6-10)

Kobe Bryant as one of the greatest shooting guard, is considered the closest to the god of basketball Jordan man, whether it is his sharp style of play or his stubborn strong character for him to win a large number of fans.

As a kobe fan, you can get a clear Mamba shoes?
1, Kobe6 design inspired by Kobe’s favorite Mamba snake, and his own style of play is also consistent with Mamba snake fast and vicious features. So the 6th generation uses a polyurethane bump mesh to mimic Mamba snake scales, to highlight Bryant’s personal mark.

This shoe is also as Bryant is willing to be its unique vamp was remembered.

2, Kobe7 as a technology to enhance the product using a dual system, through the interchangeable speed module and the power module for different basketball style of the user to provide a variety of performance options.

The overall style of the shoes more tough, soles on both sides of the geometric shape is easy to identify.

3, Kobe 8 is still a continuation of the concept of light to help low, the use of innovative woven mesh material (Engineered Mesh) to make the shoe feel doubled, but also to make shoes more fluid integration.

Conciseness is the biggest feature of kobe 8.

4, Kobe 9 high and low to help the two versions, design inspiration from the professional boxer Manny Pacquiao. Yarn preparation of the upper is very light, fly line and carbon board is to provide shoe support.

Yarn to bring a completely different texture, the upper carbon plate is also a bright spot.

5, high-help version is very much like boxing shoes, great personality.

6, Kobe 10 released on February 7, 2015, starting from the exposure information should be used to create Hyperfuse uppers, and cushioning technology and the use of Lunarlon + 180 ° can be seen Zoom air cushion composition, with internal boots to provide a better package And support.

Nike Kobe venom: What’s the difference between kobe venom 1, 2 and 3?

Nike Bryant kobe venom This series of shoes has always been a good wear wear, the price is reasonable and well known, starting from kobe venom 1 up and down the stadium from the storm, loved by the fans. Today let me introduce you kobe venom 1 2 3 What is the difference between it.

Kobe venom 1 to attract the majority of the fans to attract the eye, a big reason is that Bryant series of rare shoes launched a price of only two or three hundred or so shoes, how can not let people heart then? Debut kobe venom 2 basketball  replica kobes shoes is a combination of superior functionality, high-end material + modern technology = only Kobe Bryant to sit on the powerful boots, rich color has become the ideal team shoes.

Kobe venom 2 is a combination of artificial leather and artificial fabrics, provides a comfortable wearing and a fit, toe serpentine pattern, revealing the nature of the black Mamba predators. Cushioning on the kobe venom 2 ZOOM cushion will create a first-class responsiveness and cushioning perfect retention to help you get on the court more keen cheap kobes shoes to support the best advantage to block opponents. In addition kobe venom 2 in the end of the design by adding the epitaxial stent in the steering or emergency stop with the best stability, perfect to defend your performance. These are the cast kobe venom 2 became the defender of the public lover.

Finally, let us look at kobe venom 3, this pair of  fake kobes shoes has just been introduced when the mistaken identity of Kobe 8. Kobe venom 3 whether it is in the exterior design or details can be felt throughout the Bryant series with the fine with. XDR outsole, Zoom cushioning and full leather upper, so Kobe and other big names in the regular season games are personally on the foot demonstration, showing that this is definitely a pair of combat Need.
Through the above Nike Kobe venom 1, 2, 3, the difference between introduction, you are not also for their own by a pair of kobe venom out?