Do you think Kobe Bryant’s next pair of signature shoes called Nike Kobe 12?

Nike promised to continue after Kobe Bryant retired his signature shoes, and the previous generation is Kobe 11, the name of the next generation should be thought of Kobe 12. In fact, the next pair of Kobe Bryant signature shoes to be announced name:Nike Kobe A.D. (for this name is why this is called, know that God can tell me the following, Z small series anyway, the first thought is Nike Kobe A.D. calcium milk did not Other …)

Now known to a total of three pairs of color, the first pair will be on sale in the near November! The remaining two pairs will come in succession.

The current physical map of the shoe has not yet released, the following picture just show about color yo.

Nike Kobe A.D. Brown / Yellow

Item No .: 852425-010

Date: November 23, 2016

Nike Kobe A.D. Black

Item No .: 852425-001

Date: December 16, 2016

Nike Kobe A.D. Black / Red

Item No .: 852425-608

Date: 20 January 2017

Tribute to the classic master of the road-Replica kobe shoes

If a person in an industry for 20 years, then he must be a veteran. If a person in the 20 years of hard work, then we can call him a model worker. But if a person with 20 years in their most loving thing with almost paranoid self-request constantly tempered themselves and with a consistent attitude to face all the ups and downs and waves, then this person you can not use simple The success or failure to describe him, he has become a master. Today we have to talk about this person we will not unfamiliar, NBA League career 20 set, the achievements of such a master, he is Kobe Bryant.

Like many NBA stars, with an unparalleled dazzling talent and enthusiasm, Bryant joined the NBA as a talented high school student, starting his first step on the road to great mastery. Dunk king, mvp, championship, FMVP, five championships, a single 61 points, lore, riding buckle Howard, single-game 81 points … 20 years, may have gone beyond a lot of friends watching the warm duration , Maybe now you like is not basketball, maybe the complete look at Kobe Bryant 20 years of basketball the way the youngest friend has also come to middle age, but when Bryant announced to retire when we look back to understand to review the master Career, I believe we each will be sigh, Bryant made his master’s career and each of us, regardless of Kosheko honey have become the great witness. Let us Bryant’s boots as a timeline to revisit the master of Bryant’s road.

Based on the concept of bionic system, the natural foot series is based on the concept of the evolution of the evolution of human foot, the evolution of time was significantly shorter than the human foot fake kobe shoes, the use of this concept to enhance the comfort of fake kobes shoes functional and technical sense Is very reasonable, even to the present concept of bionic replica kobe shoes is also very practical design. As a series of early products Tianzu, this pair of EQT TOP TEN 2000 is not so perfect, all aspects are more general, but also the beginning of the series Tianzu, combined with the cooperation with Kobe Bryant, the two sides have also been a lot of attention.