“Bryant shoes,” the most complete description, how pairs do you have? Nike or adidas?

“Bryant shoes” time to see if you have memories, you buy shoes for him

Including a number of “Bryant models” if there is insufficient, please look corrective

Nike Kobe 11 (curtain call boots)

NIKE KOBE XI Elite Low, 2016.1 listing to upgrade version of the material compiled Flyknit flagship brand new KOBE series, Bryant is the last period of his signature shoe

NIKE Zoom Kobe Icon, 2016.1 listing to KOBE 6 outsole with Zoom Flight The Glove design and produce a new style

EQT Top Ten 2000,1996.6 listing, Bryant first pair of shoes endorsement

EQT Top Ten 2010,1996.10 listing

EQT ELEVATION, 1997.1 listing, 97 years to win the slam dunk contest champion boots

EQT KB8 I, 1998.1 listing

EQT KB8 II, 1998.1 listing

EQT KB8 III,1999.1 listing

The Kobe, 2000.1 listing

THE KOBE II, 2001, 1 listed

NIKE AIR ZOOM HUARACHE 2K4, 2004.1 listing, Bryant into the camp after the first nike pairs of signature shoes

NIKE AIR ZOOM HUARACHE 2K5, 2005.1 listing

NIKE ZOOM KOBE I, 2005.12 listing

Crazy 8, 2006 listing, classic in the classic

NIKE ZOOM KOBE II LITE, 2007.1 listing



ADIDAS CRAZY 3,2007.1 listing, KB8 III of the engraved

NIKE ZOOM KOBE III, 2008.1 listing

Top Ten 2000, 2008.1 listing, 96 years of EQT Top Ten 2000 re-engraved version

NIKE ZOOM HYPERDUNK 2008,2008.1 listing

NIKE ZOOM KOBE IV, 2009.1 listing

NIKE DREAM SEASON X, 2009.1 listed, corresponding to the low-end derivative ZOOM KOBE IV models, cortex and the foot to help make the foot more “traditional”

NIKE ZOOM KOBE V, 2010.1 listing

NIKE KOBE VIII SYSTEM, 2013.1 listing, KOBE VIII has three sub-versions, (1: DREAM SEASON V) (2: VENOMENON 3) (3: BLACK MAMBA 24)

BLACK MAMBA 24,2013.1 goes on the market

NIKE KOBE VIII SYSTEM ELITE, 2013.1 listing, 8 than the normal version of the first palm on both sides of the increase in the 8 fly line, and change back to palm ZOOM

NIKE KOBE VIII SYSTEM SS, 2013.12 listing, Kobe Bryant after injury out of the polyurethane scale version, but also can be hand-ripped “snakeskin”, meaning Bryant’s molt regeneration.

NIKE KOBE IX EM, 2014.1 listing

NIKE KOBE IX ELITE LOW, 2014.1 listed, HTM is a souvenir Japanese fashion godfather Hiroshi Fujiwara (Hiroshi Fujiwara), Nike legend designer Tinker Hatfield and Nike CEO Mark Parker’s top limited series

NIKE KOBE IX ELITE, 2014.1 listing, high to help KOBE shoes, a direct use of ELITE top-level configuration

NIKE KOBE IX MID EXT, 2014.1 listed, without the Elite version of the high upper, but still followed the low to help version of the project grid upper

NIKE KOBE IX EXT, 2014.1 listing, KOBE IX series of newborns, the appearance of KOBE IX ELITE, but the upper material to give up the latest Flyknit knitted upper

NIKE ZOOM KOBE Mentality, 2014.12 listed for the mid-market team shoes to build, continued the Bryant series of low-help design

NIKE KOBE X, 2015.2 listing to mixed cushioning, the new traction system, open the main shoe-based shoe

NIKE KOBE X ELITE, 2015.3 listing, followed by nine special high-help design and Flyknit upper, outsole with KOBE X is no difference

NIKE KOBE X ELITE LOW, 2015.4 listing, once again the first HTM design into the KOBE ELITE series of low-help version

NIKE KOBE X Mid EXT, 2015.4 listing, follow the Free cutting of KOBE X ZoomAir outsole to help change


NIKE KOBE X High EXT, 2015.10 listing, EXT change version of the high-help version

NIKE ZOOM KOBE Mentality 2,2015.12 listing, KOBE Mentalityde’s second-generation works for the mid-market to create the Kobe series of ancillary products, retaining the low-Bang shape, and faintly visible first generation elements

Only this miss Kobe Bryant retired for 20 years

Bryant 11 generation boots Kobe 11 officially released!

Nike Kobe 11 shoes lastly ushered within the official release with the shoe profile and look from the spy images before exposure is virtually exactly the same: turned into gray can recognize the Kobe low to help shape, the left heel continues to be four scars towards the crystal Outsole backing.

Designer Eric Avar, not
ahead of the rumors of Tinker Hatfield. Eric Avar is also a talented shoe design and style professionals, with Bryant includes a really close relationship. As the father of Huarache 2K4, Eric participated in the design and style and development of lots of classic footwear and crucial technologies, like the bubble Posite, Free of charge soles, Flywire dynamic fly line, Bryant boots ZK3, ZK4, ZK5, fake kobe 8, Kobe 9 , Kobe 10, and will return towards the Hyperdunk ’08 regression are his classic functions.

So Eric Avar to
design and style such a nike Kobe 11 seems to become a great understanding of those silhouettes, these details, these on Kobe Bryant, Bryant footwear on all the time in his thoughts to turn around. I think, with “ripe” or “blew out” to describe Eric Avar Kobe 11 shoes completed the design and style process I am afraid there are some suitable. The use of “classic again” to describe cheap Kobe 11’s debut is appropriate. 

Look in the configuration, is still Flyknit knitted upper, however the official claim will be to strengthen the version, in to the fiber line to bring a lot more high-strength overall performance, even though additional lightweight. Outsole wrapped straight within the Flyknit shoe body, tips on how to grasp the ability to become actual combat test.

This time
utilizing Lunarlon embedded Zoom Air cushioning followed by the cushioning plan, the forefoot using a equivalent Absolutely free groove to help the approach of bending the movement, such gear and Eric Avar linked to it is not contrary, Lunarlon insoles At the same time as the integration with Zoom Air, in the Kobe 8 Program era has appeared.

beginning color is Achilles’ Heel, Achilles heel, within the right heel is presented the head of your famous Greek mythology. Together with the left heel scars, it can be estimated to would like to express a strong Ares also has the meaning of Achilles heel, to inform you the subsequent even if the Lakers will continue to lose, Bryant Bryant that may be also the God of War, please continue to shout slogans, Don’t quit the faith for the Black Mamba. 

There’s no Elite Elite version of the news revealed, but nevertheless there’s space to look forward to Xiaobian speculation there will likely be Elite version, or Bryant inside the playoffs to wear? ?? ?? 

Ultimately, the initial color will likely be January 9 in Greater China shelves.